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One way you can show your support for our mission is by becoming a member of the Oshkosh Military Veterans Museum.

Even the Green Bay Packers support us, including President Mark Murphy, General Manager Ted Thompson and Head Coach Mike McCarthy! “I’m a proud member of the Military Veterans Museum.” – Mike McCarthy, head coach

Show your continued commitment to honor the sacrifices our U.S. Military veterans have made for our freedom by becoming a member yourself!

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IndividualLifetime Membership

$1,000 One time payment
  • Lifetime membership to museum
  • Lifetime access to museum events
  • 10% off all PX Gift Shop items
  • MVMEC challenge medallion

IndividualOne-Year Membership

$30 Annual Payment
  • One-year membership to museum
  • 10% off PX Gift Shop items

Family One-Year Membership

$50 Annual Payment
  • One-year membership to museum per household
  • 10% off PX Gift Shop items

OrganizationOne-Year Membership

$100 Annual Payment
  • One-year membership to museum for organization

Various levels of membership (listed above) will offer additional benefits.


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We wish to honor veterans and military families by providing a national treasure right here in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Why Donate?

  • Thanks to donors thus far, we have raised more than $2.25 million for the completed John E. Kuenzl Motor Pool. Without these donations, our museum could not keep its doors open.
  • Donors also bestow military artifacts to us, such as weapons, uniforms, vehicles and more. The museum is the perfect place to protect American military history. Donating these items to the museum preserves, protects and educates people on our country’s military history.
  • The more donations we receive, the closer we are to reaching our financial goal to expand the museum, increase educational tours, display all military artifacts in storage and keep our doors open.
  • Your donations are tax-deductible and will honor the thousands of American veterans living and passed who fought for our freedom.

Types of Donations



Cash or check donations are accepted. Make checks payable to Military Veterans Museum. Visit our contact page to send via mail.


Appreciated Securities

You can electronically donate securities that have appreciated in value.

Appreciated securities are investments that have increased in value from the time of purchase, such as publicly traded stocks or mutual funds.



Donate military artifacts, such as weapons, tools, vehicles, uniforms, medals and more.

People interested in donating items to the museum should contact Ron Twellman, Chairperson of Artifacts Committee

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Estate Planning

Estate planning donations include land, insurance or gifts left in wills or testaments. Please consider including us in your estate planning.

Honor the Memory

There are many ways to honor the military veterans in your life. While the museum accepts multiple types of donations, we also offer ways for people looking to personally thank a veteran.

Memorial Bricks

Choose to honor a military veteran with a specially engraved memorial brick! We will place them in our Memorial Brick Plaza, surrounded by the armed forces flags, as a lasting tribute to your veteran family member or friend. You can engrave your brick with a veteran’s name, military branch, lifespan and message so they will never be forgotten.

The memorial bricks are a great way to say “thank you” for their service to our country. They are also great gifts for any nonmilitary person or company that wishes to support the museum!


Select a memorial tribute brick:

4-by-8 inches
8-by-8 inches
12-by-12 inches

* After you have made your purchase someone from the museum will contact you as soon as possible.

Memorial Bench

Thank a military veteran for serving our country by purchasing a space on one of our memorial benches in our Memorial Brick Plaza. As a lasting tribute to your veteran family member or friend, you can add their name, branch of military, lifespan and message.

Cost: $1,500